Belt Thickener – Gravity Table

A continuous sludge belt thickener capable of separating by drainage the free water from the solids contained in the sludge, using a horizontal filter cloth kept in continuous motion.

Such drainage is facilitated by the use of special vertical ploughshares positioned on the upper surface of the cloth that, by turning the sludge over, create free spaces for filtration. The Gravity Table can rapidly separate more than 95% of suspended solids, while minimizing flocculant consumption and can also effectively treat even the most unstable sludge.

The free water contained in the sludge, which has been previously conditioned with polyelectrolyte in a flocculation mixer, is filtered by the cloth and collected in a fully enclosed hopper to prevent spills, while the thickened sludge is removed at the end of the cloth path by a scraping blade.

Cleaning of the cloth is ensured by a continuous washing system with nozzles.