Convective Thermal Dryer – CTD

The wet product is dried by a stream of hot air. The process is performed inside an enclosed rotating drum.

Water evaporation capacity ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 kg/h and the drying air stream is heated by a heat generator.

The process is performed inside an enclosed rotating drum consisting of three coaxial cylinders.

There are no rotating parts inside the drum with no wearing problems.

The dried product has a homogeneous and granular shape and is recovered in the product/process air separation section.

Different plant configurations are available according to the specific project conditions:

  • Total recycling of the process air, heated in an air/air heat exchanger arranged in series with the heat generator
  • Heat recovery from cogeneration plants or other waste heat sources
  • Reduction of washing and condensation water needs, through recirculation and cooling with evaporative towers
  • Exhaust gas deodorization by thermal, biological or chemical treatment