MEMCOR® CS II is a pre-engineered pressurized membrane system with a modular and block assembly configuration and ultra-compact design.

The system offers high performance, low installation costs and small footprint. It is designed to optimize the cost of water treatment.

MEMCOR® CS II is the latest evolution of MEMCOR® technology and utilizes the latest enhanced PVDF membranes, it also provides a simplified configuration and allows better access to the system.

Key benfits:

  • Modular building-block configuration allows for faster implementation and lower costs
  • MEMCOR® CP II system’s 90-second backwash results in more productivity from each module, which reduces the number of modules required to produce a given capacity, and drives down capital cost
  • Maximum filtration performance in half the footprint of previous MEMCOR® membrane arrays, which reduces the cost of new construction
  • Simplifies operations and maintenance with access to membrane modules from the side or the top of the MemRACK™ array
  • Scalable to meet wide range of plant capacities.