MBR Membrane – B40N

The MemPulseTM MBR system uses an innovative wastewater treatment process that combines the active sludge process with Memcor® membrane filtration, allowing a high filtrate quality with a limited overall cost.

The adoption of the MBR system eliminates the need for clarifier and sand filtration, thus allowing a reduction in overall dimensions. The MemPulseTM system optimizes the management of the membrane compartment ensuring a stable and flexible operation. It also allows easier maintenance and significant savings in operating costs.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible modular rack or cassette design – fits in most tank arrangements
  • Reduction of operation & maintenance costs with no moving parts in the aeration process
  • Continuous air scour flow to each membrane rack or cassette
  • Pulsed, plug flow aeration for channeling & solids build up prevention