Package Type Wastewater Treatment Plant – MARTI MBR / MBBR

Package Type WWTPs are usually called as decentralized systems. They might be preferable when the land has less slops and the sewage line should go deep and they are ideal for use in settings such as small communities, hotels, resort areas, hospitals, service stations, labor camps, camping sites and construction sites.

The Package Type Wastewater Treatment Plants are available in two versions:

  • The MARTI MBR unit is the result of combining the traditional activated sludge process with membrane separation technology
  • The MARTI MBBR unit is capable of enhancing an activated sludge process with moving bed high efficiency biofilm is applied

Key benefits:

  • Compact, pre-assembled design easy to transport and install
  • High effluent quality
  • Small footprint compared to conventional treatments
  • Advanced nitrogen and phosphorus removal
  • High flexibility due to modular design