Primary water treatment

The need to have an adequate quality of water is fundamental in civil field, where it is used for drinking, cooking, washing and for the individual and collective hygiene, but also in the industrial field.

On the other hand, the water we need every day can have various origins (surface water or ground water) and may contain, in addition to its natural components, also variable amounts of organic and inorganic material, depending on the type of soil and on the presence of residential areas, industrial and agricultural activities.

For its possible use, it must therefore be treated using physical methods and/or chemical-physical ones, according to the characteristics of the starting raw water and the specific use that the treated water will have.

Giotto Water offers the disc filter.


The machine consists of one or more filtering discs, fixed on a robust central drum. The waste water flows through the central drum and then is transferred into the center of each media panel. A quick and efficient backwashing system starts automatically once the prefixed level of water is reached. The modular design as well as the possibility to use different kinds of filtering elements (stainless steel or polyester), allow to satisfy the highest filtration requirements.

* under license of Evoqua

Filtering panels

The panels are available in three kind of filter cloths, according to the specific needs of the requested application:


Patent flat panel in Aisi 316L with higher performances in terms of treated flow and strength


Patent flat panel made of polyester


Patent “pleated” panel with polyester mesh that provide 40% more surface area at equal number of discs

Each disc can be easily replaced in a matter of seconds, simply by loosening the locking screws. The panels can be easily and fast removed with no need of emptying the tank or disassemble the filter.