Customer Service is the support that Giotto Water offers to Clients for the whole life of the equipment — both before and after they buy our product — that helps the Customer to have optimal results in the operation of his plant. Giotto Water provides more than just an answer: it is ready to assist the Customer at his site, to solve his problems.

The Customer service is part of the technology itself: for Giotto Water is important to share Customer experience and to have his feed-back, to improve the product and to keep it at the “state-of-the art” of the environmental protection industry.

The assistance to the Customer for the whole life of the equipment is one of the must of our After Sales Department. We know that Customer loyalty is built, not only on superior product quality, but also on the motivation of a producer to offer life-long product assistance.

Thanks to the Quality Assurance System, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, and the advanced ERP data base, Giotto Water is able to provide original spare parts for all the references supplied in the last 30 years.

Service and Spare Parts Contacts


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Spare Parts

Fabrizio Versiglia

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