Sludge Belt Dryer – SBD

SBD is able to work with different energy sources and it is particularly suited to the reuse of waste heat at low temperature. It has extreme operational flexibility, also with products to be treated at variable characteristics, thanks to the possibility to adjust the belt speed and the process temperatures.

Water evaporation capacity ranges from 250 to 6.000 kg/h. The belt dryer is a convective dryer, where the water is evaporated by a stream of heated air, that goes in contact with the wet product during its transport on a belt.

The dryer is configured with two drying belts, which allow to obtain the correct contact time between sludge and hot air, making it extremely flexible in terms of flowrate and final dryness achievable.

An inlet distribution system is necessary to perform the dewatered sludge and distribute evenly over the width of the upper belt for further transport within the drying tunnel, where a ventilation system allows to distribute the heated air on the sludge in a uniform and constant manner.

The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Application with different types of inlet product (organic and inorganic)
  • Pelletized final product with no dust
  • Reduced energy consumption and the possibility of recovering heat from sources at low temperature
  • Low emissions
  • Low process temperature
  • Easy installation and reduced footprint
  • Modular construction