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Thermal Hydrolysis

Thermal Hydrolysis The process of Thermal Hydrolysis is not only both a process for reducing the volume of sludge and to reduce its disposal costs, but also a process of enhancing the value of the final product. With thermal hydrolysis, in fact, the complete elimination of pathogens is achieved, with the sanitization of the sludge, …

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Solar Sludge Drying System

Solar Sludge Drying System The Solar sludge drying system it is essentially a greenhouse sludge drying system which uses solar energy to reduce quickly and effectively the volume and weight of sludge, optimized by a sludge ventilation and mixing system. The process is also fully automatic and can be monitored and controlled from a remote …

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Sludge Belt Dryer – SBD

Sludge Belt Dryer – SBD SBD is able to work with different energy sources and it is particularly suited to the reuse of waste heat at low temperature. It has extreme operational flexibility, also with products to be treated at variable characteristics, thanks to the possibility to adjust the belt speed and the process temperatures. …

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Thin Layer Dryer – ECOFLASH

Thin Layer Dryer – ECOFLASH A high-speed rotor centrifuges the product on the internal hot wall of a stator, heated with diathermic oil or steam, which transfers the heat to the “thin layer” of sludge. Water evaporation capacity ranges from 750 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h. The product to be treated is introduced into a drying …

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Convective Thermal Dryer – CTD

Convective Thermal Dryer – CTD The wet product is dried by a stream of hot air. The process is performed inside an enclosed rotating drum. Water evaporation capacity ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 kg/h and the drying air stream is heated by a heat generator. The process is performed inside an enclosed rotating drum consisting …

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Double Screw Press – TSP

Double Screw Press – TSP Double screw press for thrust dewatering of fibrous products, such as dewatered primary paper mill sludge.  The high pressing efficiency of the TSP makes it possible to obtain a very high dry solid content. This performance is achieved due to the special design of the machine's pressing system, which ensures …

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Double Belt Press – Atlantis

Double Belt Press – Atlantis Atlantis is a high-pressure double belt press that can be installed downstream of a dewatering system, and is capable of increasing the dry matter content of the treated material by 6-12 percentage points. The mechanical components of the Atlantis have been designed for heavy-duty application to ensure reliability and continuity …

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Screw Press – SP

Screw Press – SP Screw press designed to achieve high dewatering performance along with maximum reduction in energy and maintenance costs.  The SP's fully enclosed construction, automated control of the entire process, and minimal noise also ensure an optimal working environment in conjunction with limited operating costs.

Belt Press – C

Belt Press – C Double belt press designed for dewatering fibrous sludge, both primary and mixed fibrous sludges (pulp and paper industry, sugar beets mills, etc).  Characterized by a high-pressure zone consisting of 7 "S" rollers of equal diameter, which can be supplemented with the application of a final pressure NIP, allowing further increase of …

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Belt Press – SD

Belt Press – SD Double belt press for inert sludge and expressly designed to treat high flow rates with low dry inlet concentrations. The large gravity zone and low-pressure system, with large-diameter perforated roller, allow even sludge containing very fine and unstable solids to be effectively dewatered.

Belt Press – MDC

Belt Press – MDC Double belt press used for dewatering biological sludge. Its structure is simple and economical, with minimal footprint and optimum yields. MDC is a compact machine, fully enclosed on 2 sides, with "S" shaped pressing zone consisting of 6 or 8 rollers. It is available with galvanized or stainless steel frame and …

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Belt Press – CMF Optima

Belt Press – CMF Optima Double belt press used for dewatering sludge, both municipal and industrial. Designed with a modular frame, it enables high performance with low investment costs, thus optimizing the cost/benefit ratio. CMF Optima is available in two versions: "Standard", for thickened sludge at normal concentration, and "Cascade", in combination with a belt …

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Belt Press – WR Greenland

Belt Press – WR Greenland A double belt press used for dewatering sludge of both municipal and industrial origin and designed to achieve the highest performance, in terms of final dryness and treatable flow rate.  The high performance of WR Greenland is made possible by the increase in effective filtration areas, the innovative design of …

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Belt Thickener – Gravity Table

Belt Thickener – Gravity Table A continuous sludge belt thickener capable of separating by drainage the free water from the solids contained in the sludge, using a horizontal filter cloth kept in continuous motion. Such drainage is facilitated by the use of special vertical ploughshares positioned on the upper surface of the cloth that, by …

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Rotating Sludge Thickener – Rototik

Rotating Sludge Thickener – Rototik Mechanical stainless steel rotating sludge thickener for thickening sludge previously conditioned with polyelectrolyte in a flocculation mixer. The product is conveyed into the thickening drum divided into 4 zones separated by anular rings, each of which has an adjustable opening to adapt the sludge retention time according with its characteristics. …

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