Belt Thickener – Gravity Table

Belt Thickener – Gravity Table A continuous sludge belt thickener capable of separating by drainage the free water from the solids contained in the sludge, using a horizontal filter cloth kept in continuous motion. Such drainage is facilitated by the use of special vertical ploughshares positioned on the upper surface of the cloth that, by …

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Rotating Sludge Thickener – Rototik

Rotating Sludge Thickener – Rototik Mechanical stainless steel rotating sludge thickener for thickening sludge previously conditioned with polyelectrolyte in a flocculation mixer. The product is conveyed into the thickening drum divided into 4 zones separated by anular rings, each of which has an adjustable opening to adapt the sludge retention time according with its characteristics. …

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