Primary Treatment

The first treatments, useful to remove solids from wastewater, include screening (coarse and fine) and sedimentation sections. In the first step, there is the solids removal, that could cause clogging of pipes and pumps; in the second step, there is the separation of settling solids by gravity.
Giotto Water offers rotating drum screens and disc screens.


Fine screen, with rotating wedge-wire drum. The water is tangentially introduced into the screen, through a special distribution headbox. Solids are captured inside the cylinder, thickened and continuously discharged to the outlet, while the filtrate flows through the opening of the wedge-wire. The Rotodrum is completely manufactured in stainless steel.

The screen openings range from 0,5 to 5 millimeters.



Microscreen with rotating discs. The filtration unit consists of a screen cloth supported by discs. The water flows through pairs of discs (from 1 to 6 pairs): while the filtrate passes through the screen cloth, solids are continuously removed, thickened and discharged. The screen cloth and the structure are made in stainless steel.



Biological treatments

These processes allow to remove the biodegradable organic substances (suspended and soluble) from the wastewater, and to transform them into settling solids, treatable in the “sludge line”.

Giotto Water offers biodisc.


RBC or Biodisc is a simple and reliable unit for reducing the BOD by biodegradation, and for nitrifying civil and industrial waste.

They provide high efficiency performance in eliminating the polluting matters, for carbon removal and nitrification/denitrification processes. The use of biodiscs offers a remarkable saving of space, minimizing the environmental impact and simplifying plant management. Energy consumption is drastically reduced when compared to traditional processes.