Submerged Membrane CSII – L20N

The MEMCOR® CSII system is based on MEMCOR® ultrafiltration technology and features innovative high-performance double-ended filtration, ideal for municipal and industrial water, wastewater reuse and reverse osmosis pre-treatment.

MEMCOR® CSII submerged membrane technology offers an optimized solution for large-capacity treatment systems and reduces space requirements, thus limiting the consumption of chemicals and energy.

Key benefits:

  • Simplifies operations and maintenance with access to membrane modules from the top of the MEMCOR® CSII MemRACK™
  • MEMCOR® CSII operates under vacuum or siphon and at the membrane
  • Trans-Membrane Pressure (TMP) which substantially reduces energy use compared to pressure center systems
  • Maximum filtration performance with 40% lower footprint of previous MEMCOR® membrane submerged systems, which reduces the cost of new construction